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Divorce Attorney


Filing for divorce, or learning that your husband or wife wants to divorce, can be difficult to accept.  Whether you’re prepared for divorce or not, your life will change.   You probably won’t be able to spend as much time with your children, and you might need to move into a different home.  Changes like those can cause considerable anxiety.  Marcus Vaden will help you with that very problematic stage and guide you through the negotiations and decisions involved in dissolving your marriage while you’re transitioning into a new phase in life.

You’re not alone when facing the issues that arise in a divorce.  When you go to file for divorce in Arkansas, you will need to present a reason – otherwise known as grounds for divorce – for why the court should dissolve the marriage. Arkansas allows both no-fault and fault-based grounds as a reason for ending a marriage. You’ll benefit from a skilled and highly experienced divorce attorney when you’re trying to work through your divorce case.  Marcus Vaden has broad experience with the types of issues that can arise in these cases.  From divorce planning through the final divorce decree, his respectful, professional demeanor—coupled with his solid legal skills—has been invaluable in helping divorcing spouses through this difficult period.

High Net Worth Clients

Marcus Vaden has vast experience helping clients with significant assets and high net worth. For more information on how Marcus can assist, please visit any of the following pages:


The money paid to one spouse by another during the divorce procedure or after the divorce is finalized is called alimony; it may also be referred to as maintenance or spousal support in Arkansas. Alimony is often used when one spouse out earns the other or is the primary breadwinner, while the other house cares for the home and any children.

Child Support

Whether you’ll be receiving or paying child support, Mr. Vaden has been on both sides of the issue.  Whether income is based on W-2 earnings or cash earnings, the amount of child support to be paid should be calculated in a fair manner in accordance with appropriate guidelines.  An order of withholding might even operate in the best interests of everybody involved.

Custody and Visitation

Child custody and visitation issues can be sensitive and difficult.   You want to be involved as much as possible in the lives of your children.  They need that involvement during ordinary days, special days and holidays.  A dedicated divorce attorney should be on your side to protect the interests of your children. Mr. Vaden crafts workable and reasonable custody and visitation agreements that satisfy the best interests of your children while also protecting your rights as a parent.

Special Custody Issues

These issues might be raised if a party wishes to move away with the children, when domestic violence occurred in the home, or when one of the spouses has drug and/or alcohol problems.  That’s when special arrangements are necessary in custody and visitation.

Property Division

Mr. Vaden fully understands the issues surrounding property division and its guidelines in Ark. Code Ann. Section 9-12-315 with regards to the contributions to the marriage that each party made.  It’s critical for you that your attorney have thorough knowledge of how each party contributed to the marriage.  A fair and equitable distribution of property and allocation of debt must be made.

Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

Discussions with a future spouse about what might occur should you get divorced can, indeed, be uncomfortable.  A prenuptial agreement might provide guidelines and an outline for effective property division if the parties get divorced.  A prenuptial agreement can also help protect a business and eliminate the possibility of having a business partner that you don’t want.

Postnuptial agreements in Arkansas are sometimes used by attorneys or marriage counselors to promote stability and cooperation in troubled marriages. By entering voluntarily into a postnuptial agreement, spouses may alleviate marital issues exacerbated by disagreements over assets, real estate property, finances and other sources of conflict.

A divorce law firm must have sensitive and compassionate attorneys who are dedicated to preserving the best interests of you and your children.  Marcus Vaden will listen to you carefully about your goals in your divorce and respond with a realistic evaluation consistent with what Arkansas divorce law may or may not permit. 

You can contact Mr. Vaden’s offices in either Conway or Morrilton to arrange for a divorce consultation.  He is committed to developing a trusting relationship with his clients that permits him to protect and maintain their best emotional and financial interests while working through their divorce cases.



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Marcus Vaden intends to serve those facing financial crisis due to work disabilities. The Office of Retirement and Disability Policy has revealed 5.5 million people received new Social Security benefits in 2013. As new beneficiaries increase, so too do service and provision needs. Marcus Vaden assists clients with medical records and evidence gathering, assisting the search for necessary medical care. Each client is served on a per-needs basis, ensuring support geared to the individual.