Child Support

Whether you’ll be receiving or paying child support, Marcus Vaden Law Firm can support you. Marcus Vaden has been on both sides of the issue. Arkansas child support decisions may seem simple, but things can get complicated if you need to fight for back child support payments or to request a change in the child support payments. We believe that the amount of child support to be paid should be calculated in a fair manner in accordance with appropriate guidelines from the beginning.

Arkansas laws on child support include specific methods of determining a parent’s income and the amount of the non-custodial parent’s child support responsibility. All decisions from the court must follow the state guidelines. All the judges are working with the same chart to make their decisions about child support payments. You can ask for changes in the amount of child support payments if there has been a significant change in your income. Arkansas child support law defines that “significant change” as 20% or $100 per month.

It won’t happen automatically, though — you’ll have to make that request and back up your claims.

You also have the right to request a review of the child support order every three years, even if there have been no significant changes in income. Your children’s medical insurance will be reviewed any time a review of child support payments takes place.

A child support lawyer with experience in Arkansas child support law can help you get modifications if they’re needed. We can also help you collect back child support payments. An order of withholding might even operate in the best interests of everybody involved.

Our goal is always to support you, to uphold the law, and to work for the best possible outcome of your case. When children are involved, an objective third party can help you get through the emotional roller coaster and come up with a plan that works out in the best interests of your children.

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