pre & post nuptial agreements

Discussions with a future spouse about what might occur should you get divorced can, indeed, be uncomfortable.  A prenuptial agreement might provide guidelines and an outline for effective property division if the parties get divorced.  A prenuptial agreement can also help protect a business and eliminate the possibility of having a business partner that you don’t want.

Postnuptial agreements in Arkansas are sometimes used by attorneys or marriage counselors to promote stability and cooperation in troubled marriages. By entering voluntarily into a postnuptial agreement, spouses may alleviate marital issues exacerbated by disagreements over assets, real estate property, finances and other sources of conflict.

A divorce law firm must have sensitive and compassionate attorneys who are dedicated to preserving the best interests of you and your children.  Marcus Vaden will listen to you carefully about your goals in your divorce and respond with a realistic evaluation consistent with what Arkansas divorce law may or may not permit. 

You can contact Mr. Vaden’s offices in either Conway or Morrilton to arrange for a divorce consultation.  He is committed to developing a trusting relationship with his clients that permits him to protect and maintain their best emotional and financial interests while working through their divorce cases.