Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements can be uncomfortable — there’s nothing romantic about talking with your bride or groom about what will happen if your marriage ends in divorce. But prenuptial agreements can protect you, your family, your children, and even your business. High asset individuals, in particular, need an agreement made before the emotional challenges of divorce. A compassionate, experienced attorney can make this process as simple and comfortable as possible.

A prenuptial agreement isn’t planning for divorce. It’s a way to make sure that the interests of both husband and wife are protected. Sorting financial and property issues out before you get married can take these matters off the table and prevent them from causing problems in your marriage.

In Arkansas, postnuptial agreements can be drawn up in a troubled marriage to help the couple set aside the strife that can be caused by disagreements over assets, finances, property, and other issues that can be decided with legal help. Once these issues are settled with the help of an objective expert, marriage counseling can help rebuild a marriage.

When you feel confident that your rights and your interests will be preserved in the event of a divorce, you may be able to focus on rebuilding a stable marriage.

We believe that you need a compassionate and sensitive attorney who will listen to you and understand your goals. We also know that you need an expert who can create agreements that will work for the best possible outcome for you and your spouse.

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