If you find yourself in the throes of a divorce, or other legal matter, that involves valuable assets, it is important to seek informed counsel. Unfortunately, many wait until it is too late. They believe that things will somehow just work themselves out.

Meanwhile, their estranged spouse, or other opposition, finds an attorney and ensures that the legal decree is in his or her best interest. Even in non-contested cases, years later, you could find yourself living off much less than you had planned, having lost considerable assets that a competent attorney could have possibly saved.

To avoid problems that tend to always arise in legal proceedings, it is best to consult with a compassionate and experienced professional office, such as the Marcus Vaden Law Firm, serving the Morrilton and Conway regions.

Divorce is a Common Cause of Lost Assets

With divorces being so prevalent in society, most people should speak with an attorney at some point about protecting their livelihood. Do not make the mistake of forgetting that a marriage is legally binding contract. At the root of the institution, it is the law that matters. When it is said and done, Arkansas courts both legitimate and dissolve marriages.

You must always get legal advice when dealing with the law, marriage and divorce being no exceptions.

Common Types of Assets Divided in Divorces

Automobiles Businesses Cash Cash Accounts Furniture Homes Jewelry Retirement Savings Savings Accounts Stock Portfolios A lawyer can help you to defend against claims on your financial and personal assets. It is important to fight back as soon as possible because the longer you wait, the more likely that things will transpire negatively.

Typical Divorce Settlement Considerations

Alimony Child Custody Child Support Visitation Rights The Marcus Vaden Law Firm will negotiate a just and equitable divorce settlement that will protect client rights. Fair alimony and child support are always considerations. No party should be overly burdened by payments; nor, should anyone be left without a means of support.

Prenuptial Services Help Set Asset Division Terms

One of the chief worries of those facing a marriage breakup is protecting financial assets. In general, once married, your partner gains, in the absence of an agreement, 50% of all property acquired. For this reason, and because people never know what the future may bring, it is often advised to negotiate a prenuptial agreement before getting married.

The Marcus Vaden Law Firm can draft such a document that will supersede the common law tradition that, in general, splits marital assets at “50-50.”

Get Experienced Legal Representation to Protect Your Personal and Financial Future

A divorce is a serious legal matter, whether contested or not. It can be difficult to renegotiate a settlement at a later date. The courts tend to hold standing divorce decrees as sacrosanct and binding. For this reason, if you are contemplating an Arkansas divorce, which involves considerable assets, contacting the Marcus Vaden Law Firm is the wisest choice.

The Marcus Vaden Law Firm serves the Conway, Morrilton, Clinton, and Maumelle areas of Arkansas. With convenient offices in Conway, at 600 South German Lane, Suite 102, and Morrilton, at 110 South Chestnut, Marcus Vaden Law is available to help those who want to protect their valuable assets during all types of civil legal proceedings.