Have You Been Denied Your Disability Benefits? 

Here’s how we can help You:

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Marcus Vaden Law Firm assists clients with medical records and evidence gathering. Each client is served on a per-needs basis, ensuring support geared to the individual.

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An attorney from our firm will represent you at the hearing.We don’t send a non-attorney to represent you at the disability hearing. This is a critical component of your claim.

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We will file your appeal request to have a hearing before a Social Security administrative law judge.

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We will obtain your medical records and forward these to the administrative law judge. Also, we will supplement those rewards as you receive additional diagnosis or treatment.

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At the hearing, we will present your claim to the administrative law judge through your medical records and as well as through your testimony and that of family members, friends, and caretakers.

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Once the hearing has been held, the administrative law judge will issue a written decision on your case. This decision will usually be issued several weeks after the hearing has been held.